Loyalty Management Platform

WHITE HAT Loyalty Management Platform

White Hat Loyalty Management Platform can accommodate multiple Loyalty points accumulation based on the transaction source. (Ex: Credit cards, Fixed Deposits, Debit card Loan etc..). This will encourage the customer to repeatedly use the bank/financial institute services and will build a strong loyalty towards the bank/financial institute.

How the Platform works

White Hat Loyalty Management Platform generate loyalty points for the customer’s transactions based on the configuration/Rules set by the bank. Customers can redeem their earned points through bank’s Loyalty Website or through redemption partners.

Getting customer data into Whitehat Loyalty Management Platform

White HAT Loyalty Management Platform enables smooth secure and encrypted (PGP encrypted) transfer of required customer data to rewards platform or as another method can transfer through APIs.

Getting Transaction data into Whitehat Loyalty Management Platform

Once the transaction is confirmed the bank can push the transactions details to the Whitehat Loyalty Management Platform via a file or via APIs. Upon receiving the transactions details Whitehat Loyalty Management Platform will accumulate Points to the corresponding account. The point accumulation is done via the Point accumulation engine based on the set rules and the transaction feed.

Product Highlights

  • End-to-end comprehensive Loyalty Management Platform: Highly optimized to accommodate and be flexible for new and changing business requirements. The product is designed in a manner where the technology does not block the business decisions. You are free to be innovative...
  • Multi-Channel Rewarding Platform: The system enables multiple accumulations based on the transaction source which enable Bank/financial institute to Integrate Whitehat loyalty Management Platform not only to CC customers but also across their other products and services (ex: Fixed deposit, Debit card, Loan, etc..).
  • Personalization to Meet Unique Customer Preferences (Optional): WhiteHat Loyalty Management Platform designed to offer personalized cash rewards tailored to the unique shopping preferences of customers who often use debit cards. The program includes customers’ favorite places to shop with offers ranging from in-store to online. A loyalty program that takes into account customers’ likes and tastes have more chances to entice customers for continual interaction, thus increasing their retention.
  • Flexibility: Enables bank/finance institute to quickly implement the new business logic on point accumulation engine or redemption engine. (Ex -  Different points accumulation ratio basis on product type or based on MCC category  or MCC name or certain foreign currency)
  • Compliance and security: White Hat loyalty platform embedded with Audit log, Duel control, rule base monitoring and passbook which exclusively required for a financial institute.

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